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Industrial Vacuum System

We are one of the superior manufacturer & supplier of Industrial Vacuum System. In our large ambit of products, one can purchase tailor made industrial vacuum systems, developed by our experienced engineering professionals in our highly sophisticated R&D laboratories. Owing to our unceasing efforts in providing quality engineering products, we have developed our special corner in highly diversified space of dominant industrial vacuum manufacturers / vacuum systems suppliers from India but we don't want to satisfy with this only, rather we want to be a kingpin in this product section from the world over.

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Dense Phase System
In a typical Dense Phase System a relatively high pressure is utilized (above 15 psig), to transfer powder or granular bulk solids through a pipeline with a low velocity (CFM) air. In the whole working cycle of Dense Phase System the transport vessel fills with gravity and when the transport er gets full, the inlet & vent valve become close

Batching System
In a formulation of a typical batch, many processes are required but the fundamental one is that of creating a mechanism to bought together precise quantities of different kinds of ingredients to make up a specific batch or formula. Which further involves metering materials individually into a weigh hopper, using a metering device such as a screw

Grain Handling System
As a manufacturer of Grain Handling System manufacturer & supplier,we provide grain handling equipment, armed with latest features, necessary for obtaining optimum results. Over the years of our continuous meritorious customer service which we are providing to our customers, P Square is now a well known name amidst outstanding grain